Growing Fresh, Organic Food
in Sustainable, Thriving Cities


We're dedicated to the idea that every child in every corner of the planet deserves fresh, organic food. The best way to make that happen is to use organic production methods rooted in ancient ways but enabled by modern technology. This way we can shorten the distance from farm to plate and make sure everyone is fed the best quality food available.


The Urban Ranch & Farm Project is committed to supporting people who choose to live sustainable, responsible lives with the techniques, technology, and tools to be successful. Explore our website to learn more about all that we’re doing to make a change. We are a service project of entrepreneurs banded together to make the world more liveable by helping one person at a time make their one community at a time more a more fruitful, sustainable, and healthy place to live.

Field Labs

Contributing to STEM education at the grassroots level, our Field Labs initiative organizes and deploys research in communities by mobilizing youth from middle-school through higher ed, equipping them to research, build, and implement urban farm and sustainability projects throughout their community. By leveraging partnerships with Scouting, public resources, and NGO along with business groups whose roots run deep in these communities, Field Labs are the innovation engines that fuel entrepreneurial opportunities and turn cities around.

Grow Generation

Grow Generation is the youth-led movement that produces food within a city to feed the homeless, poor, and other food insecure citizens using The Urban Ranch & Farm Project's resources, including knowledge base, technology, and grow models.

URFP Enterprises

The Urban Ranch & Farm Project's independently owned Enterprises use technology to cultivate organic crops without backbreaking labor, harsh chemicals, or exposure to the elements. We help these urban farms develop their neighborhood-based Enterprises, so they may produce nutritionally dense food using minimal land and barely 5% of the water than field based systems.

When people are separated from the cultivation, harvest, and preparation
of their food—when corporations
do it all for us, reducing us to mere "consumers"—it disconnects us from the natural world and from God, the source of our nourishment.

—Domenico Ignazio De Bellis