Member of the Board of Directors

Job Description—Call for Applicants


The Urban Ranch & Farm Project is organizing exclusively for one or more of the purposes designated in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and needs to appoint Directors to manage the business of the organization. In support of that task, we have issued the following “Job Description” for a typical Member of the Board of Directors, to be updated from time to time as needed. If you would like to be considered for the position, please use this contact form.


Our Mission


The Urban Ranch & Farm Project’s mission is to empower people who choose to live sustainable, responsible lives by researching, developing, and teaching the methods, tools, and technologies that will equip them right where they live—where they produce fresh, organic food, develop their own energy, capture, filter, and store rain, and process waste in closed loops for a triple bottom line of sustainability, comprising PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT.


Our Vision


Believing everyone deserves to live wholesome, healthy lives, our vision is for people to grow fresh, organic food on unused, even blighted city sites—to wipe out out food deserts—while producing renewable power and capturing rainwater to meet their needs in sustainable, responsible ways.




Each Member of The Board will support the work of The Urban Ranch & Farm Project and provide mission-based leadership as well as strategic governance. While our chief executive officer (CEO) directs day-to-day operations, the Board–CEO relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Specific Board Member responsibilities include:


Leadership, Governance and Oversight


  • Serving as a trusted advisor to the CEO as s/he develops and implements our strategic plan;


  • Reviewing outcomes and metrics created by the organization for evaluating its impact, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics; reviewing agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings; 


  • Regularly attending board meetings (online) and important related meetings;


  • Participating actively in committee work;


  • Volunteering and willingly accepting assignments and completing them thoroughly and on time;


  • Approves the annual budget, audits reports, and makes material business decisions;


  • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares for meetings in advance, and reviews and comments on meeting minutes and reports;


  • Stays informed about, and meets all legal and fiduciary responsibilities;


  • Contributes to an annual performance evaluation of the CEO;


  • Assists the CEO and the board chair in identifying and recruiting other Board Members;


  • Actively participates in ongoing fundraising efforts for the organization;


  • Partners with the CEO and fellow board members to ensure board resolutions are carried out;


  • Serves on committees or task forces, taking on special assignments;


  • Represents the organization to stakeholders; acting as an ambassador—especially in his/her local community—for the organization; and


  • Ensures our commitment to a diverse board and staff reflecting the communities we serve.




Board Members will consider The Urban Ranch & Farm Project a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority. We expect to have 100 percent of Board Members make annual contributions commensurate with their capacity. Candidly, we won’t police you, but we expect you to know what is appropriate and best for you and your family. After all, we cannot credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals if we’re not first opening our own pocketbooks for the cause. To that end, all Board members will participate actively in ongoing fundraising as a primary responsibility of active membership; to identify and exploit funding sources and new opportunities through networking, personal and professional contacts, community involvement, and mixing on the organization’s behalf as an ambassador in the world.


Board Terms/Participation


The Urban Ranch & Farm Project’s Board Members will serve a three-year term to be eligible for re-appointment for one additional term. (Recruitment is continual, with terms staggered so that the board might always enjoy a blend of seasoned members and newer members.) Board meetings will be held quarterly and committee meetings will be held in coordination with full board meetings. Meetings will be conducted via online videoconferencing using GoToMeeting software.




This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about The Urban Ranch & Farm Project’s mission, preferably with leadership experience. Selected Board Members will have demonstrated leadership in business, government, philanthropy, education, or the nonprofit sector. His/her accomplishments will allow him/her to attract other well-qualified, high-performing Board Members.

Ideal candidates will possess and be able to demonstrate the following:


  • A leadership style characterized by the desire to serve first, and to lead from that position of service as opposed to one who seeks first to establish his/her leadership and only make service a later choice;


  • Extensive executive function (even if without executive titles) with organizations in business, government, military, education, philanthropy, or the nonprofit world;


  • A professional and personal posture of initiative—of going out ahead to find the way without first being shown the way—so that others may be inspired to follow; without this, our organization cannot show stakeholders the best paths to go;


  • An understanding of and commitment to The Urban Ranch & Farm Project’s beneficiaries, preferably based on experience;


  • Savvy diplomatic and discernment skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals; and


  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for improving the lives of the people we serve.


Service on The Urban Ranch & Farm Project’s Board of Directors is without remuneration.