Every family deserves wholesome, organic food. Growing it is something our grandparents took for granted as common knowledge. Our First Nations peoples especially understood food’s power as medicine. It has since become a lost knowledge, one tainted by “progress” and eclipsed by an entire industry that processes and packages food into products that are unrecognizable from food. In this generation, we have the opportunity to recover and reclaim this lost knowledge for our own. This book demonstrates how anyone—living in the country, city, even the developing world—can grow organic food. Nutritious food is the foundation for better economy, healthy families, and quality of life. When people grow their own food, they are less dependent on others for their basic needs. I’m placing this book in your hands so you can seize this opportunity, get your grow systems up and running, and be truly free.


I offer this book in the belief that we can uplift the dignity of every soul by equipping people to feed their families the way God intended—with wholesome food from our very own gardens. The book is rooted in my conviction that we don’t have to rely on professionals to provide our basic sustenance. So I invite you to take my book and implement the plans I have documented here to feed your family. Then I invite you to come to our Facebook group and website, where you can share your experience with others. I set up these online tools because I want you and all my readers to learn from each other, not just from this book.  Show us how you are using this information to feed yourself and your families.


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Grow Fresh Organic Food To Feed Your Family And Sell For Profit (CO-BRAND ED.)


      This is a digital product, so there's no way to return it. Your purchase, therefore, is final. But hopefully we've shown you enough of the inside of this book for you to see it's packed with good information to help you live more sustainably while feeding your family and even selling what you cultivate for profit in the marketplace. The author and publisher have worked hard to place this book in your hands, but it's up to you to apply what you learn inside and we're here in the discussion groups on Facebook to support readers wherever they are. Thank you for purchasing this book and making a commitment to your health, your financial stability, and your environment's sustainability.

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