Thanks for your interest in The Earnest Worm Co., the hardest working worms making the finest compost for your gardens. We know we're not the biggest worm farm out there, but we're trying to earn the privilege of being your favorite! See, we know that happy worms make the best vermicompost, and the best compost makes for happy gardens, while competitive pricing, well—that's just good business, and makes customers want to keep coming back.


The 4-lb bag of compost is our entry level size, perfect if you're new to our compost and want to try it out but we understand you're shy about jumping into the deep end with both feet. But we also know once you've seen how worm poop can make your plants dance for joy, you'll be convinced there's nothing like this black gold for your garden—so with this purchase, we'll include Dom's signed coupon for 25% OFF your next purchase of a 20-lb bag of black gold red wriggler vermicompost!


  • Every bag of Black Gold Red Wriggler Worm Compost was organically processed through the guts of red wriggler worms living at The Earnest Worm, where all they do all day and night is eat organic waste, poop it out as organic fertilizer, and give birth to the next generation of worms who repeat the process again and again.


We want to be your favorite red wriggler composting supplier!


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4 lb bag of Red Wriggler Worm Castings

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