Each Field Lab must have a sponsor organization to register under our program. Sponsors may be a municipal government, school, religious group, commercial enterprise, association, non-government organization, or nonprofit organization that agrees to provides space and/or funding to the Field Lab to operate. The Field Lab Sponsor pays annual dues for Field Lab registration and individual Crew Members under this program. Be sure to register your new Field Lab at https://www.urbanranchfarm.com/apply and direct new Crew Members you register here to register at https://www.urbanranchfarm.com/apply as well. Individual Crew Members must register on this page to fully benefit as Field Lab Crew.


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New Crew Member For Field Lab

  • https://www.urbanranchfarm.com/apply


    Registration entitles each Field Lab Crew Member to:


    • Access more than 300 pages of curriculum materials, including guidance through step-by-step instructions and illustrations, including parts lists, tools you'll need, and even market prices when available. We don't want to leave you guessing in the middle of any of these lessons! 


    • Access the exclusive, private Facebook group with other Field Lab sites to share experiences, knowledge, and wisdom you gain from your experience. We want this movement to prosper and spread worldwide!


    • Participate in monthly group webinars to learn advanced strategies for deploying urban farms, profiting financially from filling commercial niches through your urban farm operation, as well as earning money promoting our program through its Affiliate Program; so your organization prospers!


    • The opportunity to earn income from selling our curriculum materials to the public while co-branding their Field Lab in those materials and gain advertising exposure at the same time; an exciting business opportunity for you!

    • You'll receive a copy of my book, packed with 300 pages of my personal guidance, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations—including parts and tool lists, and even market prices, when available.​
    • You'll receive group coaching from me for an entire year (renewable annually), when I'll be helping you to take back control of your food from corporate giants that charge high prices, damage our health, poison the foods we eat, harm the livestock, too—and destroy the environment.

    • You'll have access to my EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group so you can connect with me and other members who have joined my program.

    • You'll be invited to monthly group webinars to learn advanced strategies for deploying urban farms, profiting financially from filling commercial niches through your urban farm operation, as well as earning money promoting my program through its Affiliate Program. And you can access recordings anytime during your membership.

    • You'll get to share in the Facebook Group how you're applying lessons from the book to your own life to eat healthier, create home-based income from your gardens and livestock operations, and helping your local community at the same time.

    • In addition, you'll have exclusive access to the exclusive private Facebook Group for Field Lab Crews so that you'll be able to follow the research being contributed throughout The Urban Ranch & Farm Project's Field Labs no matter where they're located.


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